If you’re a fan of fine lingerie, chances are that you’ve already heard of Simone Pérèle. With an inclusive selection of sizes and attention to detail, Simone Pérèle has been delighting the world with sensual designs for decades.


When Simone Pérèle’s boutiques decided to elevate their boutiques with a major upgrade, they turned to Fyber. Find our why this lingerie mainstay chose to elevate their brick and mortar location with our carpet.



Founded in the 1940’s, Simone Pérèle first opened her lingerie workshop in Paris. Simone Pérèle had a simple and yet complex mission. Pérèle endeavoured to create lingerie as comfortable as it was elegant.


Flash forward to the present, Salon International named Simone Pérèle their 2017 Designer of the Year, and Simone Pérèle boutiques continue to excite and intice lingerie enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes.


With cup sizes ranging from A to H, Pérèle’s brand has created a loyal following of femme-identifying customers and continues to excite the world with new and innovative styles.



Matching the elegance and taste of a fine lingerie store is no small task. That’s why the design experts tasked with upgrading Simone Pérèle locations turned to Fyber.


Channeling the feel of the Simone Pérèle brand meant picking luxurious and enticing carpets for each boutique. Even the smallest details were examined.


These designers asked themselves questions like “How does the carpet in the changing room feel under the feet of customers?”. These curators wanted to ensure that every moment of the Simone Pérèle felt as luxurious as the brand itself.


When selecting a design plan, boutique creators reviewed Fyber’s extensive selection before deciding on a look that complemented the look and feel of the high-end lingerie brand.


Choosing colors that evoked mystery and sensuality was easy when working with Fyber. Shades selected brought about visions of candlelight and smokey eye makeup.

Texture also played a large part in the decision making process for boutique designers. After much comparison, the designers opted for highly textured styles designed to awaken the senses or customers and crush sensually under their feet in changing rooms.


High-quality choices, like those available in Fyber’s range of luxury carpets, can add that little extra something to any boutique or office. While the quality of carpet may not always be the first thing you notice when walking into a new space, high-quality selections have the power to elevate the space with mood, luxury, and ambiance.

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