The Collectionist Hotel is one of Sydney’s most exclusive boutique hotels where no two rooms are the same. Naturally, a carpet range with a huge colour selection had to be chosen to accomplish this. Fyber was approached with the request to provide a range that can create a sense of continuity throughout the hotel, whilst complementing the individualistic canvas of each room. Our answer – Envy.


Daniel Symonds is the man behind The Collectionist Hotel. His vision was born after a unique experience with a car-hire company in the US, that allowed its clients to choose their vehicle not just based on practicality but their style preference. This gave him the idea to create an adventurous hotel design that will stand out from the crowd and provide a boutique experience to its guests, each room providing a one-off experience they would never forget.

Coming up with the design was no easy feat. In fact, it took four different studios and 13 different artists to create the 39 standalone rooms. Choosing the different canvas, décor, art and colours of each room required a meticulous touch. Hence, finding the correct carpet range that could compliment all those aspects was extremely important. Luckily, Fyber had just the product to meet their daring design objectives and could stand the wear and tear of a commercial environment.

Envy is one of Fyber’s market leading products and is made with an exclusive technology, SilkNV™. This uniquely engineered fibre has a striking pearlescent appearance and is highly resistant to stains, a feature that was extremely sought after due to the bustling nature of the hotel industry. With ts luxurious appearance, the softness of silk and extensive colour bank, Envy was the perfect solution for The Collectionist. The secret to Envy’s softness and durable nature is the super-high density, 5/64 gauge carpet weaving. With up to two and a half times better texture retention than industry standard, the designers vision will stand the test of time.

Artisan Room Type – Photo by Terence Chin Photography

Along with our superb product – Envy, Fyber’s added value came in the form of a one-stop-shop as The Collectionist was able to turn to one manufacturer for the supply of all of their carpets. Having a different design for each room could have proved a logistical nightmare when it came to carpeting each room. Fortunately, Fyber was able to answer their call, without compromise. We’re extremely proud of the outcome and happy we could play our part in helping Daniel achieve his vision. Congratulations to the whole team!

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