Discover new design directions for 2021 and beyond with lush carpet styles to dip your toes into

For years, carpet has played a supporting role in interior design and acted as a backdrop for other key elements in a room. However, change is underway with bold designs and technological advances that are seeing this plush surface lead brave new directions in design.


Well-chosen carpet has a transformative effect in the home, which smart designers are harnessing to lift interiors from drab to dramatic. Need to brush up on the latest developments in carpet? Here are five new trends your clients will want to step into this year – and beyond.

Fyber’s super-soft DEA carpet in ‘Avio’

1. Comfort Therapy


Wellness design assumed the spotlight in recent years with the rise of human-centric architecture and design, and with people now spending more time at home, this movement has reached critical mass. There’s no denying that homeowners are seeking a sense of healing and comfort in their interiors now more than ever.


Because of this, people are gravitating to carpets with superior softness and a soothing sense of snug indulgence. To achieve this comfort, architects, designers and consumers are paying particular attention to carpet’s pile height and yarn weight, and the more the better to bring about a uniquely soft and cosy texture underfoot.


One new range that’s turning heads (and comforting feet) is DEA from Fyber. The plush tufted cut-pile carpet has a pile height of ±14 millimetres, making it a carpet your toes will disappear into. DEA features a yarn weight of ±2350 grams per square metre and its 100-percent polyamide fibre echoes the softness of silk – without the upkeep.


As people around the world look to create a feeling of luxury and safety at home, extremely soft yarns and thick, opulent carpets will continue to enjoy a place of priority on people’s wish lists.

Fyber’s super-soft DEA carpet in ‘Luna’
image by Marie Claire Italy

2. Brave New World


Discerning designers and architects often refer to the ceiling as the ‘fifth wall’ due to its ability to transform a room with a striking design. The same goes for flooring, which is starting to perform the part of the ‘sixth wall’ and is making as much – if not more – of a statement.


Earthy schemes have made a comeback, and while monochrome and neutrals will always reign supreme, they now do so expressively and heroically rather than simply harmonising with other elements in a space.


So how can you embrace this new trend in flooring while channelling a timeless aesthetic? The trick lies in selecting contemporary carpet collections, which combine classic palettes with interesting new textures and finishes – not to mention their superior technical advancements.


Today’s carpets have stepped up the style factor, such as Fyber’s DEA collection, which offers 12 colours, from the paprika-coloured Ciliegia and honey-hued Kaki to the pure white of Zucchero and the bold black of Asfalto.

Fyber’s super-soft DEA carpet in ‘Pergamena’

3. Custom Designs


Customised design has gained ground, and the ability to specify features in a home keeps growing in importance. What started as high-end luxury has become a mainstream necessity, with the trend for customisation gathering strong momentum.


Many people are now less willing to purchase set-size rugs and are more eager to make a statement by choosing the size, shape, colour and style of a carpet, rug or runner to suit a room. Fyber’s DEA carpet has received attention for its endless customisation options, which can be specified in any shape or size from a broad palette of colours. By customising feature flooring, designers can also layer carpeting in a space for added softness and luxury.

Fyber’s super-soft DEA carpet in ‘Luna’; image by Marie Claire Italy

4. Mood Music


Think carpet is solely designed to benefit the feet? Think again. Our ears have long thanked this humble surface for its acoustic properties, and contemporary carpet is no exception. In fact, ultra-plush ranges including DEA by Fyber are even more effective at absorbing jarring sounds and infusing interiors with a sense of calmness.


Style-savvy homeowners, architects and designers are also selecting sound-absorbing carpet to enhance the ambiance of homes. Acoustics can often be glossed over in favour of visual aesthetics, but get the acoustics right in a space and you’ll succeed in setting the perfect tone.

Fyber’s super-soft DEA carpet in ‘Luna’; image by Marie Claire Italy

5. Everyday Heroes


In most homes, gone are the days of using the ‘good room’ only when entertaining guests. All spaces in today’s houses need to exude style while standing up to the rigours of daily life. Homeowners are now well-versed in carpet with stain-resistant properties, and it continues to be a non-negotiable quality when selecting flooring. Architects and designers have adapted their approach to suit by choosing carpet that uses innovative advancements in technology, woven from materials that combat stains, wear and tear.


Stain-resistant carpets such as Fyber’s DEA collection continue to soar in popularity, as they let people enjoy peace of mind, especially in heavy-traffic areas in the home. Keen to indulge in a luxurious carpet underfoot in a much-used dining area? Go right ahead. Or perhaps you want to carpet an entrance without it showing signs of age? Walk this way.

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