The minimalist movement is finally coming to an end—and not a moment too soon.


Boxy, low-profile furniture and stark greys are falling out of favour in the ranks of the must-follow design trends. In their place, the future’s making way for something a little softer and a lot more fun. Here’s the latest, must-know interior design trends.



While clean-cut minimalist furniture has been on trend for a few years, all of those sharp edges are giving way to a much softer future.


In 2020, furniture with soft, rounded edges is going to be a must-have feature in every room. Circular end tables, plush couches, and chairs with rounded corners will all be regular fixtures in every on-trend home.



Once velvet made its reappearance in the interior design scene, it was pretty clear it wouldn’t be going anywhere anytime soon. And as we approach 2020, it’s apparent that velvet will be a fundamental feature in upcoming interior design looks.


From rich curtains to luxurious upholstery, velvet can help you transform any room into a haven of decadent elegance.



Who says curtains are just for windows? 3D and textured walls are going to be wildly popular in the coming years. And one of the easiest ways to create a striking textured wall is by covering your wall with curtains.


Whether you’re going for a monochromatic look or would like to add a pop of colour, curtained walls can help you create your ideal look.



Here’s another trend that has risen in popularity in recent years, and is only going to continue enjoying the spotlight as we move into the 20s.


Vibrant jewel tones have taken over colour palettes in recent years, and for a good reason. These striking colours can convey a timeless warmth and richness that is instrumental in a lot of on-trend maximalist looks.



Finally, one of the most influential interior design changes 2019 brought with it is the long-overdue return of carpeting. And, we’re not talking about your grandmother’s shag carpeting. No, 2019 is gearing up to ring in 2020 with bright and modern statement carpeting.


Statement carpeting encourages bold homeowners to add a bit of colour beneath their feet. In 2020 blue, burgundy, mixed and patterned carpets will be a must-have fixture of any trendy interior design look.

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