Steve Cordony is an interior and event stylist based out of Sydney Australia. Some of Cordony’s clients as an interior and event stylist include L’oreal, Ralph Lauren, George Jensen, Waterford, Land Rover, and Royal Doulton. Cordony has even been featured in some editorial and advertorial work for the likes of Coco Republic, Sephora, Gourmet Traveller, Woolmark, Myer Emporium, Mirvac, and Country Road.

If you are into interior design, then you NEED to know about Steve Cordony.


Not only does Cordony have his own interior and event styling business, but he also works as the Style Director At-Large for the Australian interior design magazine, Belle. Steve Cordony is so passionate about interior design that he has even become one of the top Australian interior Instagrammers. If you don’t believe us, go ahead and check out Steve Cordony Instagram. With all this passion and experience, we are honoured to partner with him!



Matching the elegance and taste of a fine lingerie store is no small task. With as highly respected of an interior designer as Steve Cordony using its products, you already know that Envy carpets must be of high quality. In fact, the Fyber Envy carpets are known to evoke distinct, luxurious style while also remaining durable. Luckily, the luxurious style of an Envy room perfectly coincides with Cordony’s luxurious and modern style.


Fyber Envy carpets are able to simultaneously exude luxury and relatability due to their finely crafted dense fibres, highly resistant yarn work, and lack of synthetic latex and other environmentally harmful materials. It also helps that Fyber Envy carpets are highly certified and adhere to multiple European and Australian carpet interior design standards and codes.

All these beneficial features combined with the fact that Envy carpets come in over 36 colours, makes Fyber a perfect company to partner with for an interior designer like Steve Cordony. This is particularly true since Steve Cordony loves to design luxurious rooms that are still affordable.


Through the partnership Fyber has with Cordon designs, an Envy room has been featured in multiple Australian hotels and editorials that Steve Cordony has worked with. Some of these editorials were featured in press done by the Australian company, Scandinavian Wallpaper and Décor, and the Australian Scandinavian furniture and design company, Fred International.


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