When it comes to specifying floor coverings, you have a huge number of options. Carpet is a great choice for commercial spaces since it offers a higher degree of comfort than hard flooring. 24 per cent of office workers cite comfort as being important to their working spaces.

Here’s all you need to know about residential and commercial carpets.



Residential carpet comes in a wider choice of styles and colours. Homeowners have a greater range of aesthetics they’d like to match their flooring with. We’ve all chosen lighter carpets for residential spaces to help make rooms look larger. But these carpets also show dirt and spills more easily. We often solve that problem in busy commercial spaces by choosing darker carpets. These colours help mask spills due to their shade, especially if the carpet features a repeating pattern.


Marks blend in with these patterns, making this carpet the more durable, long-term choice. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be an either/or design choice. Choosing Fyber carpets for commercial spaces gives you access to the kind of colour range you normally only see for residential use.



Residential carpets create the effect of noise reduction because of the thick underlay. The thicker the pile, the more sound the carpet absorbs. Carpet also offers a degree of acoustic properties in commercial spaces.


It’s not the same as a dedicated acoustic carpet. But a carpet for commercial use does absorb some sound. This prevents echoes in the space and muffles footfall for those on lower floors in the building.



Manufacturers design residential carpets for comfort. So residential carpets often have a thicker pile height, for a softer feel underfoot.


Commercial-grade carpet must be durable so it will last for at least 10 years. These carpets have a shorter pile height to stop foot traffic from destroying fibres. As such, it takes much longer for them to show signs of wear and tear. But do you have to trade comfort for durability, and vice versa?


With a carpet such as Fyber’s Envy, you’re getting the best of both worlds. It offers the appearance of silk with the durability of synthetic fibres. That makes it hard-wearing and stylish.



This durability extends toward the maintenance of commercial carpet. Higher foot traffic means more dirt, which can wear away carpet fibres. Vacuuming on a daily basis can keep this dirt from building up. A deep clean every quarter refreshes carpets in commercial settings.


Many commercial carpets are made from nylon, and treatments can make it stain-resistant. They’re often not designed to feel plush or luxurious, but they will last much longer.


Meanwhile, residential carpets need less vacuuming due to lower foot traffic. A deep clean may only be required every year, depending on who lives in the house. Choose Envy to enjoy the luxurious look of residential carpet with the low maintenance of a durable commercial carpet.

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Though there are differences between commercial and residential carpet, advances in technology mean you don’t need to feel tied to choosing one type of carpet over the other. We offer carpets that combine a luxurious appearance with stain resistance and durability. These floors look like residential carpets but behave like hard-wearing commercial options.


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